Atrinik Server  4.0
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account.c File Reference
#include <global.h>
#include <toolkit/packet.h>
#include <toolkit/string.h>
#include <arch.h>
#include <player.h>
#include <toolkit/path.h>
#include <toolkit/datetime.h>
#include <toolkit/pbkdf2.h>

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Data Structures

struct  account_struct




typedef struct account_struct account_struct


void account_init (void)
void account_deinit (void)
static void account_free (account_struct *account)
static char * account_old_crypt (char *str, const char *salt)
static void account_set_password (account_struct *account, const char *password)
static int account_check_password (account_struct *account, char *password)
static int account_save (account_struct *account, const char *path)
static int account_load (account_struct *account, const char *path)
static void account_send_characters (socket_struct *ns, account_struct *account)
char * account_make_path (const char *name)
void account_login (socket_struct *ns, char *name, char *password)
void account_register (socket_struct *ns, char *name, char *password, char *password2)
void account_new_char (socket_struct *ns, char *name, char *archname)
void account_login_char (socket_struct *ns, char *name)
void account_logout_char (socket_struct *ns, player *pl)
void account_password_change (socket_struct *ns, char *password, char *password_new, char *password_new2)
void account_password_force (object *op, char *name, const char *password)

Detailed Description

Account system.

Alex Tokar

Definition in file account.c.