Atrinik Server  4.0
Object update flags


#define UP_OBJ_INSERT   1
#define UP_OBJ_REMOVE   2
#define UP_OBJ_FLAGS   3
#define UP_OBJ_FACE   4
#define UP_OBJ_FLAGFACE   5
#define UP_OBJ_ALL   6

Detailed Description

Used by update_object() to know if the object being passed is being added or removed.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define UP_OBJ_ALL   6

Force full update

Definition at line 541 of file object.h.

#define UP_OBJ_FACE   4

Only thing that changed was the face

Definition at line 537 of file object.h.

#define UP_OBJ_FLAGFACE   5

Update flags & face (means increase tile update counter

Definition at line 539 of file object.h.

#define UP_OBJ_FLAGS   3

Critical object flags has been changed, rebuild tile flags but NOT increase tile counter

Definition at line 535 of file object.h.

#define UP_OBJ_INSERT   1

Object was inserted in a map

Definition at line 528 of file object.h.

#define UP_OBJ_REMOVE   2

Object was removed from a map tile

Definition at line 530 of file object.h.