Atrinik Server  4.0
Map look flags


#define P_BLOCKSVIEW   0x01
#define P_NO_MAGIC   0x02
#define P_NO_PASS   0x04
#define P_IS_PLAYER   0x08
#define P_IS_MONSTER   0x10
#define P_IS_EXIT   0x20
#define P_PLAYER_ONLY   0x40
#define P_DOOR_CLOSED   0x80
#define P_CHECK_INV   0x100
#define P_NO_PVP   0x200
#define P_PASS_THRU   0x400
#define P_WALK_ON   0x1000
#define P_WALK_OFF   0x2000
#define P_FLY_OFF   0x4000
#define P_FLY_ON   0x8000
#define P_MAGIC_MIRROR   0x10000
#define P_OUTDOOR   0x20000
#define P_OUT_OF_MAP   0x4000000
#define P_NEED_UPDATE   0x40000000
#define P_NO_TERRAIN   0x80000000

Detailed Description

These are used in the MapLook flags element. They are not used in in the object flags structure.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define P_BLOCKSVIEW   0x01

Blocks the view.

Definition at line 250 of file map.h.

#define P_CHECK_INV   0x100

We have something like an inventory checker in this tile node.

Definition at line 276 of file map.h.

#define P_DOOR_CLOSED   0x80

A closed door is blocking this space - if we want to approach, we must first check if it's possible to open it.

Definition at line 272 of file map.h.

#define P_FLY_OFF   0x4000

For flying objects and what happens when they leave

Definition at line 294 of file map.h.

#define P_FLY_ON   0x8000

For flying objects and what happens when they enter

Definition at line 296 of file map.h.

#define P_IS_EXIT   0x20

There is an exit on this tile.

Definition at line 260 of file map.h.

#define P_IS_MONSTER   0x10

There is a monster on this square.

Definition at line 258 of file map.h.

#define P_IS_PLAYER   0x08

There is one or more player on this tile

Definition at line 256 of file map.h.

#define P_MAGIC_MIRROR   0x10000

There is a MAGIC_MIRROR object on this tile.

Definition at line 298 of file map.h.

#define P_NEED_UPDATE   0x40000000

Update all the map square flags by looping the map objects.

Definition at line 307 of file map.h.

#define P_NO_MAGIC   0x02

Spells (some) can't pass this object

Definition at line 252 of file map.h.

#define P_NO_PASS   0x04

Nothing can pass (wall() is true)

Definition at line 254 of file map.h.

#define P_NO_PVP   0x200

PvP is not possible on this tile.

Definition at line 280 of file map.h.

#define P_NO_TERRAIN   0x80000000

Do NOT use this with SET_MAP_FLAGS(). This is just to mark for return values of blocked().

Definition at line 312 of file map.h.

#define P_OUT_OF_MAP   0x4000000

Of course not set for map tiles but from blocked_xx() function where the get_map_from_coord() fails to grab a valid map or tile.

Definition at line 305 of file map.h.

#define P_OUTDOOR   0x20000

The tile has object with 'outdoor 1' flag.

Definition at line 300 of file map.h.

#define P_PASS_THRU   0x400

Same as NO_PASS - but objects with PASS_THRU set can cross it.

If a node has NO_PASS and P_PASS_THRU set, there are 2 objects in the node, one with pass_thru and one with real no_pass - then no_pass will overrule pass_thru

Definition at line 288 of file map.h.

#define P_PLAYER_ONLY   0x40

Only players are allowed to enter this space. This excludes mobs and golems but also spell effects and thrown / fired items. It works like a no_pass for players only (pass_thru doesn't work for it).

Definition at line 267 of file map.h.

#define P_WALK_OFF   0x2000

For moving objects and what happens when they leave

Definition at line 292 of file map.h.

#define P_WALK_ON   0x1000

For moving objects and what happens when they enter

Definition at line 290 of file map.h.