Atrinik Server  4.0
Here is a list of all modules:
[detail level 12]
oCommand flags
oIdentify modes
oSpell list modes
oLoS blocked modes
oType defines
oSub type defines
|oContainer sub types
|oDoor sub types
|oConstruction sub types
|oMaterial sub types
|oClient map info types.
|\Potion sub-types
oSize of free defines
oTerrain type flags
oFlags Structure
|oObject flag macros
|oObject multiflag macros
|oItem types
|\Flag defines
oCost modes
oMonster movements
oQuest statuses
oQuest types
oInterface timeout definitions
oSpawn point relative levels
oMap layer looping macros
oObject looping macros
oBank return values
oMap info modes
oShared string macros
oTiled map constants
oCache flags
oObject statistics
oLexical loader return codes
oLayer types
oMap structure macros
oMap loading flags
oMap memory flags
oMap look flags
oMap space extra flags
oMap flags
oDefault map values
oRange Vector Flags
oDirection constants
oMaterial types
omove_apply() function call flags
oWALK ON/OFF function return flags
oObject update flags
oObject insertion flags.
oObject removal flags.
oBehavior flags
oGender IDs.
oDestroyed objects check
oObject method return values
oProjectile stop reasons
oParty message types
oParty socket command types
oPath node flags
oPlayer animation flags
oPlugin event types
oEvent number codes
oAI events
oMap event numbers
oGlobal event numbers
oExportable plugin functions
oSpell paths
oSpell use flags
oSpell flags
oCasting modes
oTreasure generation flags
oArena plugin
|\Arena map flags
oTypes for object.SquaresAround()
oModes for object.FindObject()
oField flags
oObject iteration types
oRandom map layout
oRandom map layout options.
oRandom map symmetry
oRandom spiral map options
oBank info string modes
oBeginnings of linked lists.
\Socket command flags