Atrinik Server  4.0
liv::dam Uses
Type(s) Description

A disease with a positive <damage> value will strike the player for that amount of damage every time the symptoms occur.

A negative <damage> value produces %-based damage: "&lt;damage&gt; -10" means the player's health is reduced by 10% every time the symptoms strike.

Diseases with %-based damage can be dangerous - but not deadly - for players of all levels.

Exit How much damage is inflicted to the player using the exit.
Damager The <base damage> defines how much damage is inflicted to the victim per hit. The final damage is influenced by several other factors like the victim's protections.
Magic Wall The magic wall will cast this spell.
Monster & NPC, Spawn Point Monster A value of 50 will be handled as 5.0, a value of 55 = 5.5. Amongst other parameters, <damage> affects how much melee damage a monster inflicts. <damage> is used as base value for damage per hit. <level>, <speed>, <weapon class> and resistances also take effect on the melee damage of a monster.
Projectile The projectile <damage> significantly affects the damage done. Damage can be further increased by the shooting weapon's attributes.
Rune <direct damage> specifies how much damage is done by the rune, if it doesn't contain a spell. This should be set in reasonable relation to the rune's level.
Shooting Weapon The <base damage> significantly affects the damage done by using this weapon. This damage is added to the projectile damage and then (if <ignore strength> disabled) a bonus according to the player's strength is added.
Weapon The damage value is used as base value for how much damage the weapon does per hit. The actual damage involves more dependencies, like wielder's level and defender's level. Look at existing weapons to get a feel for the range of weapon damage values.