Atrinik Server  4.0
liv::food Uses
Type(s) Description
Applyable Light <Ticks of Light> defines how long the object will give light before it wears out. Some lights can be refilled, some not.
Light Refill Object How many ticks can be refilled to a light source of the defined light type. If we can refill all in the light, this object is deleted. If we can't put all in the light, the value is decreased by the number we filled in.
Amulet, Ring, Bracers, Brestplate Armour, Boots, Cloak, Girdle, Gloves, Helmet, Shield, Weapon

Positive <food bonus> slows down the player's digestion, thus he consumes less food. Negative values speed it up.

Note that food is consumed not only for "being alive", but also for healing and mana-regeneration.

<food bonus> only affects the amount of food consumed for "being alive". Hence, even with high <food bonus>, during a fight a player can run out of food quickly.

Flesh The player's stomach will get filled with this amount of foodpoints. The player's health will increase by <foodpoints>/50 hp.
Food, Drink The player's stomach will get filled with this amount of foodpoints. The player's health will increase by <foodpoints> / 50 hp.
Marker How long the mark will remain on the player. If zero, the mark will never vanish automatically. A value of 1 is about 10 seconds.
Monster & NPC, Spawn Point Monster This is the number of new monsters generated when this monster is split. This only takes effect if <split> and <breed monster> are set.

If a counter value is set (greater than zero), the sign/magic mouth can be applied (printing the message) only that many times. For signs this really shouldn't be used, while for magic mouths it is extremely helpful. Monsters walking over the magic mouth do not decrease the counter.

Often, you might want to have a message displayed only once. For example: The player enters your map and you put a magic mouth to tell him about the monsters and how dangerous they look and all. Later, when all the monsters are killed and the player leaves the map, displaying the same message a second time would be silly. <counter> 1 does a perfect job in such cases. Otherwise set <counter> zero/unset for infinite use (that is the default).

Wand & Staff The wand can be used <number of charges> times before it is used up. It can be recharged with scrolls of charging.