Atrinik Server  4.0
liv::hp Uses
Type(s) Description

The monster will use the specified <long range spell> when the player is at least 6 squares away (from the monster's head).

Setting a <long range spell> is optional. If unset, the <short range spell> gets used all the time.

Amulet, Ring, Bracers, Brestplate Armour, Boots, Cloak, Girdle, Gloves, Helmet, Shield, Weapon Positive <health regen.> bonus speeds up the player's healing process. Negative values slow it down.
Creator The creator can be triggered this many times before it's disabled.
Disease This value increases the player's healing rate. Negative values decrease it.
Exit The exit destinations define the map coordinates where the exit leads to.
Food, Drink Positive <health> bonus added to player's hp when food eaten. Negative values will reduce hp. Curse will double and damned will triple it, and in both cases positive values are negated.
Horn This value represents the initial amount of spellpoints in the horn. Naturally, this is quite unimportant.
Rod This value represents the initial amount of spellpoints in the rod. Naturally, this is quite unimportant.
Inventory Checker, Pedestal, Detector Type of the object to match.
Magic Mirror X position this magic mirror reflects objects of. -1 means it will use the mirror's X.
Monster & NPC, Spawn Point Monster

The <health points> of a monster define how long it takes to kill it. With every successful hit from an opponent, health points get drained - the monster dies by zero health points.

If the value '-1' is set, the monster will start out with full health. How much that is depends on <max health>.

Mover Move creatures/monsters/NPCs.
This feature provides you with the possibility to make NPCs
literally "come to life". Example: The player is talking with
an NPC, speaking a certain keyword. This triggers a magic ear
and activates creators, creating (per default: monster-only)
movers under the NPC's feet. The NPC starts "walking" on a
predefined route!</td>
Rune The rune will detonate <number of charges> times before disappearing. If -1, the rune will detonate infinitely, or at least until it's successfully disarmed.
Sign This value specifies the object we are looking for: We have a match if the player does/don't carry an object that is of type <match type>.

The exit destinations define the (x, y)-coordinates where the exit leads to.

If both are set to zero and <exit path> is empty, the player will get teleported to another, randomly chosen teleporter on the same map (slightly confusing for the player though). Make sure there actually is a second one in that case.

Waypoint Object The destinations define the (x, y)-coordinates where the mob should go.
Map Info Number of tiles east of the info object that the object spans.