Atrinik Server  4.0
Type(s) Description
Applyable Light If set this light will wear out. If not set, it is a permanent light and <Ticks of Light> counter is ignored.
Button, Handle, Pedestal, Detector Signals the connected objects to do a different action. See the help file for the object you are connecting this to for details what this setting will affect.

Every time the disease "moves", the player's food is reduced by the value of <food depletion>.

For negative values, a %-based amount is taken.


This flag defines the destined map as "personal unique map". If set, there will be a seperate version of that map for every player out there.

An exit pointing outside of a personal unique map must have the "unique destination" flag unset.

Inventory Checker Signals the connected object(s) to do a different action.
Magic Mirror How much to adjust height of objects using height on the mirrored tile by.
Magic Wall If set, the wall is on and casts spells in regular intervals. This setting can be toggled by a connected object with "connection flag" set.
Spawn Point Monster

The monster will: a) Only spawn when this darkness setting is the same as the map's darkness b) If the monster is spawned already and the darkness changes to an invalid value, the spawn point will remove the monster.

A positive darkness value means "if higher". A negative darkness value means "if lower" from absolute value.

A value of 4 means monster will be shown until darkness drops to 4 or lower. A value of -4 means monster will be shown until darkness is 4 or higher.

0 means "show always" (default).

Potion If this value is 0, the potion will invoke a spell effect when used. If set to -1, the potion will create a force when used and grant the user with the effects set (stats bonuses, resists, etc). Values higher than 0 are used internally for special potions - don't play around with it here!