Atrinik Server  4.0
Type(s) Description
Book If this value is set to be greater than zero, the player needs a certain literacy level to succeed reading the book. The book can be read if: mental level is greater than <literacy level> -
  1. Adding level to a book can be a nice idea, personally I like it when a player needs more than his fighting skills to solve a quest. However, keep the book's level at least below 15 because it is quite difficult to gain high mental levels.
Disease The <plague level> is proportional to the disease's deadliness. This mainly reflects in the <damage>. It has no effect on most other symptoms. Neverthless, it is a very important value for all damage-inflicting diseases.
Duplicator The number of items in the target pile will be multiplied by this value. If it is set to zero, all target objects will be destroyed.
Exit Level at which to hit the player with 'base damage'.

The <flesh level> is not visible to the players and it affects only dragon players. Normally this value reflects the level of the monster from which the flesh item originates.

Dragon players always search for flesh of highest level possible, because it bears the best chance to gain high resistances.

Damager Level of the damager. Affects the chance for the damager to miss (same chance as spells).
Holy Altar

To re-consecrate an altar, the player's divine prayers level must be as high or higher than this value. In that way, some altars can not be re-consecrated, while other altars, like those in dungeons and apartments could be.

Altars located in temples should have at least <reconsecrate level> 120. Some characters might need those altars, they would be very unhappy to see them re-consecrated to another cult.

Horn The casting level of the <spell> determines its power. For attack spells, level should not be set too high.
Rod The casting level of the <spell> determines it's power. For attack spells, level should be set to something reasonable.
Magic Wall The wall will cast its spell at this level.
Monster & NPC, Spawn Point Monster A monster's <level> is the most important attribute. <level> affects the power of a monster in various ways, and also how much experience the player gains for killing the monster.
Mover Move players.
Potion If the potion contains a spell, the spell is cast at this level. For other potions it should be set to at least 1.

This value sets the level the rune will cast the spell it contains at, if applicable. A level 99 rune casts a very, very mean spell of whatever. (<rune level> 0 runes won't detonate at all!)

Level also affects how easily a trap may be found and disarmed, and how much experience the player gets for doing so. Beware: High level runes can be quite a cheap source of experience! So either make them tough, or keep the level low.

Scroll The spell of the scroll will be casted at this level. This value should always be set, to at least 1.
Wand & Staff The <casting level> of the wand determines it's power.