Atrinik Server  4.0
obj::name Uses
Type(s) Description
Misc Object, Light Source, Applyable Light, Light Refill Object, Ability, Amulet, Ring, Bracers, Brestplate Armour, Boots, Cloak, Girdle, Gloves, Clock, Compass, Helmet, Shield, Book, Button, Container, Creator, Director, Disease, Duplicator, Exit, Flesh, Floor, Wall, Food, Drink, Gate, Handle, Holy Altar, Horn, Rod, Inorganic, Inventory Checker, Gems, Jewels, Nuggets, Door, Magic Mirror, Magic Wall, Marker, Money, Monster & NPC, Spawn Point, Spawn Point Monster, Mover, Pedestal, Detector, Organic, Potion, Power Crystal, Projectile, Rune, Savebed, Shooting Weapon, Scroll, Shop Floor, Shop Mat, Sign, Key, Spinner, Teleporter, Treasure, Weapon, Random Drop Container, Wand & Staff, Waypoint Object, Ambient Sound Effect This is the name of the object, displayed to the player.

The name of the damager. This is so the player knows what is hitting them, and in case they die, the killer's name.

Examples are 'lava', 'spikes', etc.

Event Object Name of the plugin which should be triggered by this event object.
Map Event Object Name of the plugin which should be triggered by this map event object.
Quest Container Unique identifier for this quest.
Beacon ID of the beacon. This should be unique string and no other beacon should have the same ID.
Client Map Info Each label/tooltip/etc name must be unique and cannot contain spaces.
Map Info Used to link map info objects together (in the case of buildings, for example).