Atrinik Server  4.0
Type(s) Description
Applyable Light If a light source wears out, it checks this value. If it set, the object changes to this new object. This happens with torches - after they wear out, they change to burned out torches which can't be re-lit or refilled.
Container This is used for a certain kind of... "animation" when opening the container. Stick to the default arches here and you won't get into trouble.

If set, the specified arch is created and dropped every time the symptoms strike.

This can be various things: farts, body pieces, eggs...

Even monsters can be created that way. You could also make a disease where some exotic stuff like money/gems is created.

Holy Altar The altar belongs to the god of the given name.
Monster & NPC, Spawn Point Monster This only takes effect if <multiply> or <splits> is enabled. The monster will create a <breed monster> every once in a while. <breed monster> can be set to any valid arch-name of a monster.