Atrinik Server  4.0
obj::race Uses
Type(s) Description
Light Refill Object Defines the light type which we can refill with this refill object.

If set, the container will hold only certain types of objects. Possible choices for <container class> are: "gold and jewels", "arrows" and "keys".

Unfortunately it is not easy to create new container classes, because items need a matching counterpiece-attribute to the <container class> before they can be put inside a container. This attribute ("race") is set only for the existing container classes.


The disease will only infect creatures of the specified <race>.

"&lt;race&gt; *" means every creature can be infected.

Inventory Checker Arch name of the object to match.
Marker The key string to insert into the passing player. If a marker with the same key string already exists, a new one won't be inserted.
Monster & NPC, Spawn Point Monster Every monster should have a race set to categorize it. The monster's <race> can have different effects: Slaying weapons inflict triple damage against enemy races and holy word kills only enemy races of the god.
Pedestal, Detector Archname of the object to match.

Only shooting weapons with matching <ammunition class> (and matching <ammunition type>) can fire these projectiles. For arrows set "arrows", for crossbow bolts set "crossbow bolts" (big surprise).

You can also make special containers holding these projectiles by setting the <container class> to match your <ammunition class>.

Shooting Weapon

Only projectiles with matching <ammunition class> can be fired with this weapon. For normal bows set "arrows", for normal crossbows set "crossbow bolts".

In certain cases, the ammunition class is displayed in the game. Hence, when you create a new ammunition class, choose an intuitive name like "missiles", "spirit bolts" - whatever.

Sign This string specifies the object we are looking for: We have a match if the player does/don't carry an object of archetype <match arch name>.
Event Object Name of the script of data file we want submit to the plugin when the event is triggered.
Map Event Object Name of the script of data file we want submit to the plugin when the map event is triggered.
Quest Container Name of this quest. Only use for item drop quests.
Map Info Override map name.
Ambient Sound Effect Sound effect filename to play.