Atrinik Server  4.0
Type(s) Description
Misc Object The object's speed.
Disease The <speed> of the disease determines how fast the disease will "move", thus how fast the symptoms strike the host.
Damager Controls how often the damager hits creatures standing on top of it.
Magic Wall Defines the spellcasting speed of the wall. You can fine-tune how long the duration between two casts shall be.
Monster & NPC, Spawn Point Monster The <speed> determines how fast a monster will both move and fight. High <speed> makes a monster considerably stronger. If the start value is negative (like -0.1) then the speed is set to 0.1 but the speed counter becomes a random start value.
Spawn Point The <speed> determines how often a spawn point will control itself and/or its monster. If there is no monster, the spawn point will try to spawn a new one.
Mover The movement speed value determines how fast a chain of these movers will push a player along (default is -0.2).

If the <activation speed> is nonzero, the teleporter will automatically be activated in regular time-intervals. Hence, the player can just step on it and gets teleported sooner or later. The duration between two activates depends on the given value. Default in the teleporter arch is <activation speed> 0.1.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you want to have your teleporter activated via button/handle/magic_ear/etc, you must set <activation speed> to zero!