Atrinik Server  4.0
Type(s) Description
Misc Object, Light Source, Applyable Light, Light Refill Object, Ability, Amulet, Ring, Bracers, Brestplate Armour, Boots, Cloak, Girdle, Gloves, Clock, Compass, Helmet, Shield, Book, Button, Container, Creator, Director, Disease, Duplicator, Exit, Flesh, Floor, Wall, Food, Drink, Gate, Handle, Damager, Holy Altar, Horn, Rod, Inorganic, Inventory Checker, Gems, Jewels, Nuggets, Door, Magic Mirror, Magic Wall, Marker, Money, Monster & NPC, Spawn Point, Spawn Point Monster, Mover, Pedestal, Detector, Organic, Potion, Power Crystal, Rune, Savebed, Scroll, Shop Floor, Shop Mat, Sign, Key, Spinner, Teleporter, Treasure, Random Drop Container, Wand & Staff, Map Info, Ambient Sound Effect

This important value is used to define "sub types" for objects of the same object type. Examples are weapons, which are all from type WEAPON but can be different sub types like slash, cleave, two-handed, polearms and so on. This value goes to the client too.

Warning: Not all objects have a sub type and changing it without care can corrupt server AND/OR the clients. Normally this is not a subject to change outside arch definition.

Projectile The <ammunition type> defines what kind of shooting weapon is able to fire these projectiles. Note that the <ammunition class> has to match as well.
Shooting Weapon The <weapon type> characterizes the type of shooting weapon this is. Each of these weapon types requires an according skill to be used.
Weapon The <weapon type> characterizes the type of weapon. Each of these weapon types requires an according skill to be used. You should always set this correctly when creating new weapons for your maps.
Event Object Set the event where this event object should trigger.
Map Event Object Set the map event where this map event object should trigger.
Quest Container Type of this quest.
Client Map Info Type of the info. Labels are drawn onto the map image and all client markup is allowed. Tooltips get shown when the mouse is moved over the map area the tooltip spans, and also can have client markup.