Atrinik Server  4.0
Type(s) Description
Amulet, Ring, Bracers, Brestplate Armour, Boots, Cloak, Girdle, Gloves, Helmet, Shield, Weapon X-ray vision allows the player to see through obstacles in a two-square-wide radius. This is extremely helpful and desirable, so don't give it away for cheap on equipment.
Floor It's not possible to push objects onto this tile with the /push command.
Holy Altar If not set and player with different deity prays on this altar, they will have 1/<divine prayers level> to become follower of the altar's deity. With this setting on, the chance effectively becomes 1/1, thus always.
Inventory Checker If enabled, only players will be affected by the "blocking passage" setting, while any other object will be able to pass through (as long as it can move).
Mover If a mover has no direction, the normal behavior is to choose a random direction. However, with this flag, the direction the mover will move its victims depends on the victim's actual direction.
Sign If set, instead of printing the sign's contents to text window, use the book GUI to show the message, using any fancy formatting books allow.
Ambient Sound Effect If set, the sound effect will be heard through sight-blocking obstacles, so long as it's in range.