Atrinik Server  4.0


Wielding a weapon, the object's stats will be directly inherited by the player, usually enhancing his fighting-abilities. Non magical weapons can be improved with scrolls.

Type defined by:


Attribute Field Description
align obj::align X align of the object on the map.
alpha obj::alpha Alpha value of the object.
anim speed obj::anim_speed How fast to play this animation.
animation obj::animation_id The animation-name defines what animation is displayed for this object in-game. Note that a set animation will overrule the face.
attuned paths obj::path_attuned Click on the <attuned paths> button to select spellpaths. The player will get attuned to the specified spellpaths while wearing this item.
block view FLAG_BLOCKSVIEW If an item is set to block view, players (and monsters) cannot see beyond it unless they cross it or manage to stand on top of it.
cursed FLAG_CURSED The item is cursed. This object can't be removed when wielded or worn (without uncursing it). Remove curse will remove this flag.
damage liv::dam The damage value is used as base value for how much damage the weapon does per hit. The actual damage involves more dependencies, like wielder's level and defender's level. Look at existing weapons to get a feel for the range of weapon damage values.
damned FLAG_DAMNED Stronger form of curse. Item can't be removed when wielded or worn. Remove damnation will remove this flag.
denied paths obj::path_denied Click on the <denied paths> button to select spellpaths. The specified spellpaths will be denied to the player while wearing this item.
description obj::msg This text describes the weapons's "story". Every decent artifact weapon should have such a description.
direction obj::direction The object's direction.
direction based drawing FLAG_DRAW_DIRECTION If enabled, the object will be shown depending on its direction and player's position. Usually used by wall decoration so the decoration doesn't appear from both sides of the wall.
food bonus liv::food

Positive <food bonus> slows down the player's digestion, thus he consumes less food. Negative values speed it up.

Note that food is consumed not only for "being alive", but also for healing and mana-regeneration.

<food bonus> only affects the amount of food consumed for "being alive". Hence, even with high <food bonus>, during a fight a player can run out of food quickly.

give reflect missiles FLAG_REFL_MISSILE

If a player is wearing any piece of equipment with the ability to <reflect missiles>, all kinds of projectiles (e.g. arrows, bolts, boulders) will bounce off him.

This works only about 90% of all times, to avoid players being completely immune to certain types of attacks.

give reflect spells FLAG_REFL_SPELL

If a player is wearing any piece of equipment with the ability to <reflect spells>, all kinds of spell bullets and beams will bounce off him.

This works only about 90% of all times, to avoid players being completely immune to certain types of attacks.

This is a very powerful ability and it shouldn't be handed out cheaply!

gives infravision FLAG_SEE_IN_DARK

A player with the ability of <infravision (see in darkness)> can see better (but not perfectly) in darkness. Living objects will be shown in red.

For high-level monsters, this flag is a "should-have".

gives xray vision FLAG_XRAYS X-ray vision allows the player to see through obstacles in a two-square-wide radius. This is extremely helpful and desirable, so don't give it away for cheap on equipment.
glow radius obj::glow_radius If <glow radius> is set to a value greater than zero, the object appears lit up on dark maps. <glow radius> can be a value between 0 and 4, the higher, the more light does the object emit.
god-given item FLAG_STARTEQUIP A god-given item vanishes as soon as the player drops it to the ground.
health bonus liv::maxhp Positive <health bonus> increases the hit points. Negative decreases them (decrease can't reduce the total hp of the wearer below 1).
health regen. liv::hp Positive <health regen.> bonus speeds up the player's healing process. Negative values slow it down.
height obj::z Adjusts Y position of the object as it appears on the map.
horizontal zoom obj::zoom_x How much to horizontally zoom the object on the map.
identified FLAG_IDENTIFIED If an item is identified, the player has full knowledge about it.
image obj::face The image name defines what image is displayed for this object in-game.
inv. system object FLAG_SYS_OBJECT

Marks an object as system object. System objects are ALWAYS invisible and hidden from the players.

System objects are put in layer 0.

invisible FLAG_IS_INVISIBLE Generally makes the object invisible. Invisible objects will be shown if the player has "see invisible" (from an item). To hide objects totally from detection, use "sys_object".
is animated FLAG_ANIMATE

If set, the object is animated and animation is used.

Note: Some special objects will use an animation NOT as animation but as frame list. Examples are buttons (which frames are changed by the object status of the button). IS_TURNABLE will enable direction turning for some object types. These flags are all system related. Be VERY careful when changing them.

is turnable FLAG_IS_TURNABLE System flag. Object can be turned into directions.
layer obj::layer This is the map layer the object will put in. The selected layer will affect where and how this object is shown on the client side. Layer 0 is reserved for sys_object type objects and will NEVER be shown on the client side. Layer 1 is for floor objects and layer 2 for floor masks. Layer 3 and 4 are for items on the ground. Layer 5 is for walls, layer 6 is reserved for players and layer 7 is for spell effects and high flying/visible objects like arrows.
level required in obj::item_skill

This attribute specifies in which skill category the player must meet the <required level> in order to use the weapon. It is meaningless when <required level> is zero/unset.

For example: <required level> = 15, <level required in> = physical means the player cannot use the weapon unless he is equal or greater level than 15 in the physical skill category.

levitate FLAG_FLYING As soon as the player applies a piece of equipment with <levitate> set, the player will start to float in the air.
magic bonus obj::magic For a weapon, magic bonus works just like weapon class, except that magic bonus can be improved by the gods or reduced by acid. Hence, it is less useful than direct weapon class value on a weapon.
magical FLAG_IS_MAGICAL If set, this object counts as "magical". Detect magic or identify will show this flag and the player will see a small blue M in the client's inventory part.
make ethereal FLAG_MAKE_ETHEREAL When applied the user gets ethereal. He can still be transparently seen. Grants the ability to move through walls and doors which have the PASS_THRU flag set (like ghosts and other non physical monsters).
make invisible FLAG_MAKE_INVISIBLE When applied the user gets invisible. He can't be seen by players or monsters unless they have "see invisible".
mana bonus liv::maxsp Positive <mana bonus> increases the mana points. Negative decreases them (decrease can't reduce the total mana of the wearer below 1).
mana regen. liv::sp Positive <mana regen.> bonus speeds up the player's mana regeneration. Negative values slow it down.
material obj::material_real

The material defines the exact material of which the object consists. It is much more specific than <material class>, however only one material can be selected, not multiple.

<material> is not required to be set, it can be left 'undefined'.

material class obj::material This bitmask-value informs the player of which basic material(s) the object consists. Material class does also affect how likely the object can be destroyed by hazardous spell-effects, like firestorm.
name obj::name This is the name of the object, displayed to the player.
no spells FLAG_NO_MAGIC If enabled, it is impossible for players to use spells on that spot.
no teleport FLAG_NO_TELEPORT Marks an object as no teleport object. A no teleport object can't be teleported by teleporter except if the object is inside the inventory of another object which can be teleported.
non-pickable FLAG_NO_PICK If set, the object cannot be picked up (neither by players nor monsters).
number obj::nrof This value determines the number of objects in one stack (for example: 100 goldcoins => "number = 100"). You should set this at least to one, for any pickable object - otherwise it won't be mergeable into a stack.
one drop FLAG_ONE_DROP If this flag is set for an item inside monster's quest_container with the quest being quest item type, the player will only be able to get this item once.
permanent cursed FLAG_PERM_CURSED The item is permanently cursed. If this flag is set, applying or unapplying it will set "cursed 1" again. This flag can't be removed by remove curse.
permanent damned FLAG_PERM_DAMNED The item is permanently damned. If this flag is set, applying or unapplying it will set "damned 1" again. This flag can't be removed by remove damnation.
player only FLAG_PLAYER_ONLY If set, only players can enter the tile the object with this flag is on.
repelled paths obj::path_repelled Click on the <repelled paths> button to select spellpaths. The player will get attuned to the specified spellpaths while wearing this item.
required level obj::item_level

If <required level> is set to a value greater than zero, players cannot use the weapon unless they meet this level in the skill category specified by <level required in>.

For example: <required level> = 15, <level required in> = physical means the player cannot use the weapon unless he is equal or greater level than 15 in the physical skill category.

rotate obj::rotate Rotation value of the object in degrees.

An item with this flag enabled will save the players life once: When the player is wearing this item and his health points reach zero, the item disappears, replenishing the player's health and bringing him to hise savebed.

An item with <save life> should not have any decent additional bonuses!

see invisible FLAG_SEE_INVISIBLE When applied the user can see invisible objects.
slaying race obj::slaying Slaying means the weapon does triple (3x) damage to monsters of the specified race. If <slaying race> matches an arch name, only monsters of that archetype are hit with triple damage.
speed bonus liv::exp Divide by ten to get the player's speed bonus from wearing this item.
stackable FLAG_CAN_STACK

If set, the item can be stacked. Careful, don't use on rings or other applyable items, it will lead to side effects.

Missiles are designed to be used as stacks for example.

start speed obj::speed_left

When an active object (with 'speed' being non-zero) is put on a map, this value is used as counter. Every 'tick', 'speed' (if negative, value is turned positive before) is added to this value - if it is bigger than 0 the object 'will do something' and this counter is decreased with -1.0.

By default a normal object will be put on the map with start speed 0. It 'will do something' with the next coming 'tick'. Setting this value to -1.0 will put it on map but wait one full 'lifetime' round until it does something.

A 'fire object' should be put on map with start speed 0 - it should try to burn something in the moment it comes in the game. A bomb for example should be put with speed -1.0 on the map - it will stay then on map until the bomb becomes active - it explodes.

The 'lifetime' round is determinated by speed. A speed of 1.0 will give a 'lifetime' round of 1 tick - a speed of 0.01 100 ticks.

Special case: A negative speed value will add to start speed a random value between 0.0 to 0.9 . So, a speed of -0.1 with a start speed of -1.0 will result in speed 0.1 and start speed between -1.0 and -0.1. This is useful to let a row of same objects act in different tick ranges.

stealth FLAG_STEALTH Stealth allows the player to move stealthily, thus reducing the visibility range of monsters nearby by twice of their noram visibility range.
sub layer obj::sub_layer Extension of the layer attribute. If you have an object with "layer 2 sub_layer 1" and an object with "layer 2", the former object will be rendered immediately following the latter object, thus allowing double floor masks, convincing bridges and the like to be created.
support terrain obj::terrain_type

The bearer of this item can move in every terrain that is set by <support terrain>. Such abilities like "water walking", "fire walking" etc are almost priceless as they open access to an entire new plane of the Atrinik world.

Artifacts with <support terrain> attributes are VERY SPECIAL and they must be well-balanced!

title obj::title This is the object's title. Once an object is identified the title is attached to the name. Typical titles are "of Yordan", "of xray vision" etc.
unique item FLAG_UNIQUE Unique items exist only one time on a server. If the item is taken, lost or destroyed - it's gone for good.
unpaid FLAG_UNPAID An <unpaid> item cannot be used unless the player carried it over a shop mat, paying the demanded price. Setting this flag makes sense only for items inside shops.
value obj::value Change an object's value.
vertical zoom obj::zoom_y How much to vertically zoom the object on the map.
weapon class liv::wc The weapon class value adds to the overall weapon class of the wielder's melee attacks. Weapon class improves the chance of hitting the opponent.
weapon speed obj::weapon_speed The weapon speed determines how often the wielder can swing the weapon during a certain period of time. The lower the faster, <weapon speed> 1 is best (that is lighting fast). A typical average value is 8. Speed and damage should be kept in reasonable relation.
weapon type obj::sub_type The <weapon type> characterizes the type of weapon. Each of these weapon types requires an according skill to be used. You should always set this correctly when creating new weapons for your maps.
weight obj::weight This value defines the object's weight in gram (1000g is 1kg). Objects with zero weight are not pickable for players. Still, set the "non-pickable" flag for explicitly non-pickable objects.
zoom obj::zoom How much to zoom the object on the map.