Atrinik Server  4.0
Python map flags

Python map flags

List of the map flags and their meaning.

Name Details
f_outdoor Map is outdoor map - daytime effects are on
f_unique Special unique map
f_fixed_rtime If true, reset time is not affected by players entering / exiting map
f_nomagic No wizardry based spells
f_height_diff Height difference will be taken into account when rendering the map.
f_noharm No harmful spells like fireball, magic bullet, etc.
f_nosummon Don't allow any summoning spells.
f_fixed_login When set, a player login on this map will be forced to default mapstruct::enter_x and mapstruct::enter_y of this map. This avoids getting stuck in a map and treasure camping.
f_player_no_save Players cannot save on this map.
f_pvp PvP is possible on this map.
f_no_save Don't save maps - only used with unique maps.