Atrinik Server  4.0
Python player fields

Python player fields

List of the player fields and their meaning.

Name Type Details Flags Notes
prev player Pointer to previous player, NULL if this is first.  (readonly)
party party Pointer to the party this player is member of.  (readonly)
class_ob object  (readonly) Shall not be modified in any way. Instead, one should use player.Fix(), which will set class_ob to the last CLASS object it finds in player's inventory. In some cases, this is done automatically after a script has finished executing (say events do this, for example).
savebed_map string Map where player will respawn after death.
bed_x unknown X coordinate of respawn (savebed).
bed_y unknown Y coordinate of respawn (savebed).
ob object The object representing the player.  (readonly)
quest_container object Player's quest container.  (readonly)
target_object object Target object.
no_chat boolean If 1, the player is not able to chat.
tcl boolean If 1, collision is disabled for this player.
tgm boolean Whether god mode is on or off.
tli boolean If 1, disable lighting.
tls boolean If 1, LoS is disabled and player can see through walls.
tsi boolean If 1, normally invisible items can be seen.
cmd_permissions unknown DM command permissions.
factions unknown
fame unknown Fame rating in the world.
container object Current container being used.  (readonly)
s_ext_title_flag boolean Send ext title to client.
s_host string  (readonly)
s_socket_version integer Version of the client.  (readonly)