Atrinik Server  4.0
Data Fields
Atrinik_AttrList Struct Reference

#include <plugin_python.h>

Data Fields

PyObject_HEAD void * ptr
size_t offset
field_type field
union {
   void *   ptr
   PY_LONG_LONG   idx

Detailed Description

The Atrinik_AttrList structure.

Definition at line 465 of file plugin_python.h.

Field Documentation

field_type Atrinik_AttrList::field

Type of the array being handled; for example, FIELDTYPE_FACTIONS.

Definition at line 478 of file plugin_python.h.

union { ... } Atrinik_AttrList::iter

Used to keep track of iteration index.

size_t Atrinik_AttrList::offset

Where in the structure the array is.

Definition at line 472 of file plugin_python.h.

PyObject_HEAD void* Atrinik_AttrList::ptr

Pointer to the structure the array is in.

Definition at line 469 of file plugin_python.h.

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