Atrinik Server  4.0
Data Fields
arena_maps_struct Struct Reference

Data Fields

char path [HUGE_BUF]
int players
int parties
int max_players
int max_parties
uint32_t flags
char message_arena_full [MAX_BUF]
char message_arena_party [MAX_BUF]
struct arena_maps_structnext

Detailed Description

Arena maps linked list

Definition at line 112 of file plugin_arena.c.

Field Documentation

uint32_t arena_maps_struct::flags

Option flags

Definition at line 132 of file plugin_arena.c.

int arena_maps_struct::max_parties

Maximum number of different parties for this arena

Definition at line 129 of file plugin_arena.c.

int arena_maps_struct::max_players

Maximum number of players for this arena

Definition at line 126 of file plugin_arena.c.

char arena_maps_struct::message_arena_full[MAX_BUF]

Message when the arena is full

Definition at line 135 of file plugin_arena.c.

char arena_maps_struct::message_arena_party[MAX_BUF]

Message when you need to join a party to enter the arena

Definition at line 138 of file plugin_arena.c.

struct arena_maps_struct* arena_maps_struct::next

Next arena map

Definition at line 141 of file plugin_arena.c.

int arena_maps_struct::parties

Current number of different parties in this arena

Definition at line 120 of file plugin_arena.c.

char arena_maps_struct::path[HUGE_BUF]

The arena map path

Definition at line 114 of file plugin_arena.c.

arena_map_players* arena_maps_struct::player_list

Linked list of players in this arena

Definition at line 123 of file plugin_arena.c.

int arena_maps_struct::players

Current number of players in this arena

Definition at line 117 of file plugin_arena.c.

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