Atrinik Server  4.0
Data Fields
pl_player Struct Reference

#include <player.h>

Data Fields

struct pl_playerprev
struct pl_playernext
char maplevel [MAX_BUF]
char quick_name [MAX_BUF]
char savebed_map [MAX_BUF]
char * killer
shstr * followed_player
char ** cmd_permissions
char map_info_name [HUGE_BUF]
char map_info_music [HUGE_BUF]
char map_info_weather [MAX_BUF]
struct mapdeflast_update
objectequipment [PLAYER_EQUIP_MAX]
objectskill_ptr [NROFSKILLS]
char target_hp
int bed_x
int bed_y
int blocked_los [MAP_CLIENT_X][MAP_CLIENT_Y]
int last_skill_index
int map_update_cmd
int map_update_tile
int map_tile_x
int map_tile_y
int map_off_x
int map_off_y
int num_cmd_permissions
int64_t fame
uint32_t action_attack
float action_timer
float last_action_timer
double last_speed
double last_weapon_speed
unsigned char last_level
signed char digestion
signed char gen_sp_armour
signed char gen_hp
signed char gen_sp
unsigned int run_on: 1
unsigned int run_on_dir: 3
long last_weight
long last_combat
uint32_t container_count
uint32_t mark_count
int64_t skill_exp [NROFSKILLS]
uint64_t stat_deaths
uint64_t stat_kills_mob
uint64_t stat_kills_pvp
uint64_t stat_damage_taken
uint64_t stat_damage_dealt
uint64_t stat_hp_regen
uint64_t stat_sp_regen
uint64_t stat_food_consumed
uint64_t stat_food_num_consumed
uint64_t stat_damage_healed
uint64_t stat_damage_healed_other
uint64_t stat_damage_heal_received
uint64_t stat_steps_taken
uint64_t stat_spells_cast
uint64_t stat_time_played
uint64_t stat_time_afk
time_t last_stat_time_played
uint64_t stat_arrows_fired
uint64_t stat_missiles_thrown
uint64_t stat_books_read
uint64_t stat_unique_books_read
uint64_t stat_potions_used
uint64_t stat_scrolls_used
uint64_t stat_exp_gained
uint64_t stat_exp_lost
uint64_t stat_items_dropped
uint64_t stat_items_picked
uint64_t stat_corpses_searched
uint64_t stat_traps_found
uint64_t stat_traps_disarmed
uint64_t stat_traps_sprung
uint64_t stat_afk_used
uint64_t stat_formed_party
uint64_t stat_joined_party
uint64_t stat_renamed_items
uint64_t stat_emotes_used
uint64_t stat_books_inscribed
uint32_t target_object_count
uint32_t last_weight_limit
uint32_t update_los: 1
uint32_t afk: 1
uint32_t count
float last_ranged_ws
uint32_t last_path_attuned
uint32_t last_path_repelled
uint32_t last_path_denied
uint32_t last_equipment [PLAYER_EQUIP_MAX]
uint16_t last_flags
uint16_t gen_hp_remainder
uint16_t gen_sp_remainder
uint16_t gen_client_hp
uint16_t gen_client_sp
uint16_t last_gen_hp
uint16_t last_gen_sp
int16_t skill_level [NROFSKILLS]
uint16_t anim_flags
int16_t item_power
int16_t last_ranged_dam
int16_t last_ranged_wc
int16_t dam_bonus
 Damage bonuses from equipment (not melee weapon).
int8_t last_protection [NROFATTACKS]
uint8_t last_gender
uint8_t no_chat
uint8_t last_party_hp
uint8_t last_party_sp
uint8_t tcl
uint8_t tgm
uint8_t tli
uint8_t tls
uint8_t tsi
uint8_t combat
uint8_t combat_force
living last_stats
char player_reply [64]
char afk_auto_reply [MAX_BUF]
 Object the player is talking to.
tag_t talking_to_count
 ID of ::talking_to.
long item_power_effects
 Next time of item power effects.

Detailed Description

The player structure.

Definition at line 140 of file player.h.

Field Documentation

float pl_player::action_timer

weapon_speed_left * 1000 and cast from float to int for client.

Definition at line 262 of file player.h.

uint32_t pl_player::afk

Is the player AFK?

Definition at line 443 of file player.h.

char pl_player::afk_auto_reply[MAX_BUF]

Auto-reply message when AFK

Definition at line 569 of file player.h.

uint16_t pl_player::anim_flags

Some anim flags for special player animation handling.

Definition at line 496 of file player.h.

int pl_player::bed_x

X coordinate of respawn (savebed).

Definition at line 221 of file player.h.

int pl_player::bed_y

Y coordinate of respawn (savebed).

Definition at line 224 of file player.h.

int pl_player::blocked_los[MAP_CLIENT_X][MAP_CLIENT_Y]

Array showing what spaces the player can see. For maps smaller than MAP_CLIENT_.., the upper left is used.

Definition at line 230 of file player.h.

char** pl_player::cmd_permissions

DM command permissions.

Definition at line 168 of file player.h.

uint8_t pl_player::combat

If 1, the player is ready to engage in combat and will swing their weapon at targeted enemies.

Definition at line 543 of file player.h.

uint8_t pl_player::combat_force

If 1, the player will swing their weapon at their target, be it friend or foe.

Definition at line 549 of file player.h.

object* pl_player::container

Current container being used.

Definition at line 206 of file player.h.

object* pl_player::container_above

First player accessing player::container.

Definition at line 209 of file player.h.

object* pl_player::container_below

Last player accessing player::container.

Definition at line 212 of file player.h.

uint32_t pl_player::container_count

The count of the container.

Definition at line 311 of file player.h.

uint32_t pl_player::count

Any numbers typed before a command.

Definition at line 446 of file player.h.

socket_struct* pl_player::cs

Socket information for this player.

Definition at line 148 of file player.h.

signed char pl_player::digestion

Any bonuses/penalties to digestion.

Definition at line 277 of file player.h.

object* pl_player::equipment[PLAYER_EQUIP_MAX]

Pointers to applied items in the player's inventory.

Definition at line 191 of file player.h.

int64_t pl_player::fame

Fame rating in the world.

Definition at line 257 of file player.h.

shstr* pl_player::followed_player

Player the operation is following.

Definition at line 165 of file player.h.

uint16_t pl_player::gen_client_hp

Regeneration speed of HP.

Definition at line 481 of file player.h.

uint16_t pl_player::gen_client_sp

Regeneration speed of mana.

Definition at line 484 of file player.h.

signed char pl_player::gen_hp

Bonuses to regeneration speed of hp.

Definition at line 283 of file player.h.

uint16_t pl_player::gen_hp_remainder

Remainder for HP regen.

Definition at line 475 of file player.h.

signed char pl_player::gen_sp

Bonuses to regeneration speed of sp.

Definition at line 286 of file player.h.

signed char pl_player::gen_sp_armour

Penalty to sp regen from armour.

Definition at line 280 of file player.h.

uint16_t pl_player::gen_sp_remainder

Remainder for mana regen.

Definition at line 478 of file player.h.

int16_t pl_player::item_power

Total item power of objects equipped.

Definition at line 499 of file player.h.

char* pl_player::killer

Who killed this player.

Definition at line 162 of file player.h.

float pl_player::last_action_timer

Previous value of action timer sent to the client.

Definition at line 265 of file player.h.

long pl_player::last_combat

Last tick the player was in combat.

Definition at line 308 of file player.h.

uint32_t pl_player::last_equipment[PLAYER_EQUIP_MAX]

Last sent UIDs of player's equipment.

Definition at line 469 of file player.h.

uint16_t pl_player::last_flags

Last fire/run on flags sent to client.

Definition at line 472 of file player.h.

uint16_t pl_player::last_gen_hp

Last regeneration of HP sent to client.

Definition at line 487 of file player.h.

uint16_t pl_player::last_gen_sp

Last regeneration of mana sent to client.

Definition at line 490 of file player.h.

uint8_t pl_player::last_gender

Last gender sent to the client.

Definition at line 513 of file player.h.

unsigned char pl_player::last_level

Last overall level sent to the client.

Definition at line 274 of file player.h.

uint8_t pl_player::last_party_hp

Last HP sent to party members.

Definition at line 519 of file player.h.

uint8_t pl_player::last_party_sp

Last SP sent to party members.

Definition at line 522 of file player.h.

uint32_t pl_player::last_path_attuned

Last attuned spell path sent to client.

Definition at line 454 of file player.h.

uint32_t pl_player::last_path_denied

Last denied spell path sent to client.

Definition at line 464 of file player.h.

uint32_t pl_player::last_path_repelled

Last repelled spell path sent to client.

Definition at line 459 of file player.h.

int8_t pl_player::last_protection[NROFATTACKS]

Table of protections last sent to the client.

Definition at line 510 of file player.h.

int16_t pl_player::last_ranged_dam

Last ranged damage sent.

Definition at line 502 of file player.h.

int16_t pl_player::last_ranged_wc

Last ranged wc sent.

Definition at line 505 of file player.h.

float pl_player::last_ranged_ws

Last ranged weapon speed sent.

Definition at line 449 of file player.h.

int pl_player::last_skill_index

This is initialized from init_player_exp().

Definition at line 233 of file player.h.

double pl_player::last_speed

Last speed value sent to client.

Definition at line 268 of file player.h.

time_t pl_player::last_stat_time_played

Cache for value of ::stat_time_played.

Definition at line 368 of file player.h.

living pl_player::last_stats

Last stats sent to the client.

Definition at line 552 of file player.h.

struct mapdef* pl_player::last_update

Last sent map.

Definition at line 182 of file player.h.

double pl_player::last_weapon_speed

Last weapon speed value sent to client.

Definition at line 271 of file player.h.

long pl_player::last_weight

Last weight sent to the player.

Definition at line 300 of file player.h.

uint32_t pl_player::last_weight_limit

Last weight limit sent to client.

Definition at line 437 of file player.h.

object* pl_player::map_above

Pointer used from local map player chain.

Definition at line 203 of file player.h.

object* pl_player::map_below

Pointer used from local map player chain.

Definition at line 200 of file player.h.

char pl_player::map_info_music[HUGE_BUF]

Last map info music sent.

Definition at line 174 of file player.h.

char pl_player::map_info_name[HUGE_BUF]

Last map info name sent.

Definition at line 171 of file player.h.

char pl_player::map_info_weather[MAX_BUF]

Last map info weather sent.

Definition at line 177 of file player.h.

int pl_player::map_off_x

Scroll X offset between 2 map updates.

Definition at line 248 of file player.h.

int pl_player::map_off_y

Scroll Y offset between 2 map updates.

Definition at line 251 of file player.h.

int pl_player::map_tile_x

Last X position we sent to client.

Definition at line 242 of file player.h.

int pl_player::map_tile_y

Last Y position we sent to client.

Definition at line 245 of file player.h.

int pl_player::map_update_cmd

Map update command.

Definition at line 236 of file player.h.

int pl_player::map_update_tile

Tile for map update.

Definition at line 239 of file player.h.

char pl_player::maplevel[MAX_BUF]

Name of the map the player is on.

Definition at line 153 of file player.h.

object* pl_player::mark

Marked object.

Definition at line 197 of file player.h.

uint32_t pl_player::mark_count

Count of marked object.

Definition at line 314 of file player.h.

player_path* pl_player::move_path

Start of the movement path queue.

Definition at line 558 of file player.h.

player_path* pl_player::move_path_end

End of the movement path queue.

Definition at line 561 of file player.h.

struct pl_player* pl_player::next

Pointer to next player, NULL if this is last.

Definition at line 145 of file player.h.

uint8_t pl_player::no_chat

If 1, the player is not able to chat.

Definition at line 516 of file player.h.

int pl_player::num_cmd_permissions

Number of player::cmd_permissions.

Definition at line 254 of file player.h.

object* pl_player::ob

The object representing the player.

Definition at line 185 of file player.h.

party_struct* pl_player::party

Pointer to the party this player is member of.

Definition at line 555 of file player.h.

char pl_player::player_reply[64]

Player name to reply to.

Definition at line 566 of file player.h.

struct pl_player* pl_player::prev

Pointer to previous player, NULL if this is first.

Definition at line 142 of file player.h.

object* pl_player::quest_container

Player's quest container.

Definition at line 215 of file player.h.

char pl_player::quick_name[MAX_BUF]

Rank + name +" the xxxx"

Definition at line 156 of file player.h.

unsigned int pl_player::run_on

Player should keep moving in dir until run is off.

Definition at line 289 of file player.h.

unsigned int pl_player::run_on_dir

Direction (minus one) the player should keep running in.

Definition at line 292 of file player.h.

char pl_player::savebed_map[MAX_BUF]

Map where player will respawn after death.

Definition at line 159 of file player.h.

int64_t pl_player::skill_exp[NROFSKILLS]

Skill experience for all skills.

Definition at line 317 of file player.h.

int16_t pl_player::skill_level[NROFSKILLS]

Table of last skill levels sent to client.

Definition at line 493 of file player.h.

object* pl_player::skill_ptr[NROFSKILLS]

Quick jump table to skill objects in the player's inventory.

Definition at line 194 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_afk_used

Number of times the player has enabled AFK mode.

Definition at line 413 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_arrows_fired

Number of arrows/bolts/etc fired.

Definition at line 371 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_books_inscribed

Number of times the player used inscription skill to write in a book.

Definition at line 431 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_books_read

Number of books read.

Definition at line 377 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_corpses_searched

Total number of unique corpses searched.

Definition at line 401 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_damage_dealt

Total damage dealt.

Definition at line 332 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_damage_heal_received

Amount of HP healed by receiving healing from friendly creatures.

Definition at line 353 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_damage_healed

Amount of HP healed using heal spells.

Definition at line 347 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_damage_healed_other

Amount of HP healed using heal spells on friendly targets.

Definition at line 350 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_damage_taken

Total damage taken.

Definition at line 329 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_deaths

Number of deaths.

Definition at line 320 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_emotes_used

Number of times the player has used an emote command.

Definition at line 425 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_exp_gained

Total experience gained.

Definition at line 389 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_exp_lost

Total experience lost.

Definition at line 392 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_food_consumed

How many food points have been consumed.

Definition at line 341 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_food_num_consumed

Number of food items consumed.

Definition at line 344 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_formed_party

Number of times the player has formed a party.

Definition at line 416 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_hp_regen

HP regenerated.

Definition at line 335 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_items_dropped

Total number of items dropped.

Definition at line 395 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_items_picked

Total number of items picked up.

Definition at line 398 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_joined_party

Number of times the player has joined a party.

Definition at line 419 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_kills_mob

Number of monsters killed.

Definition at line 323 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_kills_pvp

Number of players killed in PvP.

Definition at line 326 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_missiles_thrown

Number of missiles thrown.

Definition at line 374 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_potions_used

Number of potions used.

Definition at line 383 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_renamed_items

Number of items the player has renamed an item.

Definition at line 422 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_scrolls_used

Number of scrolls used.

Definition at line 386 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_sp_regen

Mana regenerated.

Definition at line 338 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_spells_cast

Number of spells cast.

Definition at line 359 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_steps_taken

Number of steps taken.

Definition at line 356 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_time_afk

Number of seconds spent AFK.

Definition at line 365 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_time_played

Number of seconds played.

Definition at line 362 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_traps_disarmed

Number of traps successfully disarmed.

Definition at line 407 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_traps_found

Number of traps found using the find traps skill.

Definition at line 404 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_traps_sprung

Number of traps sprung.

Definition at line 410 of file player.h.

uint64_t pl_player::stat_unique_books_read

Number of unique books read (the ones that give exp).

Definition at line 380 of file player.h.

char pl_player::target_hp

For the client target HP marker.

Definition at line 218 of file player.h.

object* pl_player::target_object

Target object.

Definition at line 188 of file player.h.

uint32_t pl_player::target_object_count

Count of target.

Definition at line 434 of file player.h.

uint8_t pl_player::tcl

If 1, collision is disabled for this player.

Definition at line 525 of file player.h.

uint8_t pl_player::tgm

Whether god mode is on or off.

Definition at line 528 of file player.h.

uint8_t pl_player::tli

If 1, disable lighting.

Definition at line 531 of file player.h.

uint8_t pl_player::tls

If 1, LoS is disabled and player can see through walls.

Definition at line 534 of file player.h.

uint8_t pl_player::tsi

If 1, normally invisible items can be seen.

Definition at line 537 of file player.h.

uint32_t pl_player::update_los

If true, update line of sight with update_los().

Definition at line 440 of file player.h.

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