Atrinik Server  4.0
Data Fields
recipestruct Struct Reference

#include <recipe.h>

Data Fields

const char * title
const char * arch_name
int chance
int index
int transmute
int yield
shstr_list_t * ingred
const char * keycode
struct recipestructnext

Detailed Description

Recipe structure

Definition at line 34 of file recipe.h.

Field Documentation

const char* recipestruct::arch_name

The archetype of the final product made

Definition at line 39 of file recipe.h.

int recipestruct::chance

Chance that recipe for this item will appear in an alchemical grimoire

Definition at line 45 of file recipe.h.

int recipestruct::index

An index value derived from formula ingredients

Definition at line 48 of file recipe.h.

shstr_list_t* recipestruct::ingred

Comma delimited list of ingredients

Definition at line 60 of file recipe.h.

const char* recipestruct::keycode

Keycode needed to use the recipe

Definition at line 63 of file recipe.h.

struct recipestruct* recipestruct::next

Next recipe

Definition at line 66 of file recipe.h.

const char* recipestruct::title

Distinguishing name of product

Definition at line 36 of file recipe.h.

int recipestruct::transmute

If defined, one of the formula ingredients is used as the basis for the product object

Definition at line 54 of file recipe.h.

int recipestruct::yield

The maximum number of items produced by the recipe

Definition at line 57 of file recipe.h.

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