Atrinik Server  4.0
Data Fields
region_struct Struct Reference

#include <map.h>

Data Fields

struct region_structnext
struct region_structparent
char * name
char * parent_name
char * longname
char * msg
char * jailmap
char * map_first
char * map_bg
int16_t jailx
int16_t jaily
bool child_maps:1
 If true, map of this region has all the children.

Detailed Description

This is a game region.

Each map is in a given region of the game world and links to a region definition.

Definition at line 451 of file map.h.

Field Documentation

char* region_struct::jailmap

Where a player that is arrested in this region should be imprisoned.

Definition at line 484 of file map.h.

int16_t region_struct::jailx

X coodinate in jailmap to which the player should be sent.

Definition at line 493 of file map.h.

int16_t region_struct::jaily

Y coodinate in jailmap to which the player should be sent.

Definition at line 496 of file map.h.

char* region_struct::longname

Official title of the region, this might be defined to be the same as name

Definition at line 478 of file map.h.

char* region_struct::map_bg

Client map background to use: if not set, will use transparency.

Definition at line 490 of file map.h.

char* region_struct::map_first

One of the maps in the region.

Definition at line 487 of file map.h.

char* region_struct::msg

The description of the region.

Definition at line 481 of file map.h.

char* region_struct::name

Shortened name of the region as maps refer to it

Definition at line 463 of file map.h.

struct region_struct* region_struct::next

Pointer to next region, NULL for the last one

Definition at line 453 of file map.h.

struct region_struct* region_struct::parent

Pointer to the region that is a parent of the current region, if a value isn't defined in the current region we traverse this series of pointers until it is.

Definition at line 460 of file map.h.

char* region_struct::parent_name

So that parent and child regions can be defined in any order, we keep hold of the parent_name during initialization, and the children get assigned to their parents later. (before runtime on the server though) nothing outside the init code should ever use this value.

Definition at line 472 of file map.h.

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