Atrinik Server  4.0
Data Fields
settings_struct Struct Reference

#include <global.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t port
uint16_t port_crypto
char libpath [MAX_BUF]
char datapath [MAX_BUF]
char mapspath [MAX_BUF]
char httppath [MAX_BUF]
char resourcespath [MAX_BUF]
char metaserver_url [MAX_BUF]
char server_host [MAX_BUF]
char server_name [MAX_BUF]
char server_desc [MAX_BUF]
uint8_t world_maker
bool unit_tests
bool plugin_unit_tests
bool no_console
char plugin_unit_test [MAX_BUF]
int8_t magic_devices_level
double item_power_factor
uint8_t python_reload_modules
char default_permission_groups [MAX_BUF]
char allowed_chars [ALLOWED_CHARS_NUM][MAX_BUF]
size_t limits [ALLOWED_CHARS_NUM][2]
char control_allowed_ips [HUGE_BUF]
char control_player [MAX_BUF]
bool recycle_tmp_maps:1
bool http_server:1
char http_url [MAX_BUF]
char network_stack [MAX_BUF]
char * server_cert
char * server_cert_sig

Detailed Description

The server settings.

Definition at line 324 of file global.h.

Field Documentation

char settings_struct::allowed_chars[ALLOWED_CHARS_NUM][MAX_BUF]

Allowed characters for certain strings.

Definition at line 429 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::control_allowed_ips[HUGE_BUF]

IPs allowed to remotely control the client.

Definition at line 439 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::control_player[MAX_BUF]

Which player the remote command goes through, if applicable.

Definition at line 444 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::datapath[MAX_BUF]

Player data, unique maps, etc.

Definition at line 343 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::default_permission_groups[MAX_BUF]

Comma-delimited list of permission groups each player automatically has.

Definition at line 424 of file global.h.

bool settings_struct::http_server

Whether to start the bundled HTTP server.

Definition at line 454 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::http_url[MAX_BUF]

URL to the HTTP server.

Definition at line 459 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::httppath[MAX_BUF]

Where the HTTP files are.

Definition at line 353 of file global.h.

double settings_struct::item_power_factor

See note in server.cfg.

Definition at line 413 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::libpath[MAX_BUF]

Read only data files, such as the collected archetypes.

Definition at line 338 of file global.h.

size_t settings_struct::limits[ALLOWED_CHARS_NUM][2]

Limits on the allowed characters.

Definition at line 434 of file global.h.

int8_t settings_struct::magic_devices_level

Adjustment to maximum magical device level the player may use.

Definition at line 408 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::mapspath[MAX_BUF]

Where the map files are.

Definition at line 348 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::metaserver_url[MAX_BUF]

HTTP URL of the metaserver.

Definition at line 363 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::network_stack[MAX_BUF]

Desired network stack to use.

Definition at line 464 of file global.h.

bool settings_struct::no_console

Do not start a console.

Definition at line 398 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::plugin_unit_test[MAX_BUF]

Only run specific plugin unit test(s).

Definition at line 403 of file global.h.

bool settings_struct::plugin_unit_tests

Running plugin unit tests?

Definition at line 393 of file global.h.

uint16_t settings_struct::port

Port to use for client/server communication.

Definition at line 328 of file global.h.

uint16_t settings_struct::port_crypto

Port to use for crypto client/server communication.

Definition at line 333 of file global.h.

uint8_t settings_struct::python_reload_modules

Whether to reload Python modules whenever Python script executes.

Definition at line 418 of file global.h.

bool settings_struct::recycle_tmp_maps

Whether to recycle tmp maps or not.

Definition at line 449 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::resourcespath[MAX_BUF]

Where the resource files are.

Definition at line 358 of file global.h.

char* settings_struct::server_cert

Server certificate, in the format specified by ADS-7.

Definition at line 469 of file global.h.

char* settings_struct::server_cert_sig

Signature of the server certificate, as provided by Atrinik staff.

Definition at line 474 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::server_desc[MAX_BUF]

Comment about the server we send to the metaserver.

Definition at line 378 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::server_host[MAX_BUF]

Hostname of this server.

Definition at line 368 of file global.h.

char settings_struct::server_name[MAX_BUF]

Name of this server.

Definition at line 373 of file global.h.

bool settings_struct::unit_tests

Running unit tests?

Definition at line 388 of file global.h.

uint8_t settings_struct::world_maker

Executing the world maker?

Definition at line 383 of file global.h.

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