Atrinik Server  4.0
Data Fields
socket_struct Struct Reference

#include <newserver.h>

Data Fields

socket_t * sc
int login_count
int mapx
int mapy
int mapx_2
int mapy_2
uint32_t socket_version
uint32_t update_tile
uint32_t below_clear: 1
uint32_t addme: 1
uint32_t sound: 1
uint8_t is_bot
uint32_t look_position
uint8_t faceset
uint8_t password_fails
uint8_t ext_title_flag
int state
struct Map lastmap
struct packet_struct * packets
uint32_t keepalive
char * account
struct packet_struct * packet_recv
struct packet_struct * packet_recv_cmd

Detailed Description

This contains basic information on the socket structure.

Definition at line 107 of file newserver.h.

Field Documentation

uint32_t socket_struct::addme

When set, a "connect" was initialized as "player".

Definition at line 140 of file newserver.h.

uint32_t socket_struct::below_clear

Marker to map draw/draw below.

Definition at line 137 of file newserver.h.

uint8_t socket_struct::ext_title_flag

Send ext title to client.

Definition at line 161 of file newserver.h.

uint8_t socket_struct::faceset

Faceset the client is using, default 0.

Definition at line 152 of file newserver.h.

uint8_t socket_struct::is_bot

Is the client a bot?

Definition at line 146 of file newserver.h.

uint32_t socket_struct::keepalive

Buffer for how many ticks have passed since the last keep alive command. When this reaches SOCKET_KEEPALIVE_TIMEOUT, the socket is disconnected.

Definition at line 177 of file newserver.h.

struct Map socket_struct::lastmap

Last map.

Definition at line 167 of file newserver.h.

int socket_struct::login_count

If someone is too long idle in the login, he will get disconnected.

Definition at line 115 of file newserver.h.

uint32_t socket_struct::look_position

Start of drawing of look window.

Definition at line 149 of file newserver.h.

int socket_struct::mapx

X size of the map the client wants.

Definition at line 118 of file newserver.h.

int socket_struct::mapx_2

X size of the map the client wants / 2.

Definition at line 124 of file newserver.h.

int socket_struct::mapy

Y size of the map the client wants.

Definition at line 121 of file newserver.h.

int socket_struct::mapy_2

Y size of the map the client wants / 2.

Definition at line 127 of file newserver.h.

struct packet_struct* socket_struct::packets

Outgoing packets.

Definition at line 170 of file newserver.h.

uint8_t socket_struct::password_fails

How many times the player has failed to provide the right password.

Definition at line 158 of file newserver.h.

socket_t* socket_struct::sc

The real socket.

Definition at line 109 of file newserver.h.

uint32_t socket_struct::socket_version

Version of the client.

Definition at line 130 of file newserver.h.

uint32_t socket_struct::sound

Does the client want sound?

Definition at line 143 of file newserver.h.

int socket_struct::state

Current state of the socket.

Definition at line 164 of file newserver.h.

uint32_t socket_struct::update_tile

Marker to see we must update the below windows of the tile the player is.

Definition at line 134 of file newserver.h.

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