Atrinik Server  4.0
Data Fields
sound_ambient_match Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct sound_ambient_matchnext
 Next match rule in a linked list.
union {
   struct sound_ambient_match *   group
 Group of rules.
   struct {
      uint8_t   type
 One of operation types.
      uint8_t   operation
 One of basic operations.
      uint16_t   num
 Arbitrary number for basic operations.
      uint8_t   operation2
 One of test operations.
      uint16_t   num2
 Arbitrary number for test operations.
   }   operation
 Data about the rule.
int is_group:1
 Whether the data union points to a group of rules.
int is_and:1
 Whether this is an AND rule.

Detailed Description

Structure used to represent the rules of an ambient sound object.

Definition at line 78 of file sound_ambient.c.

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