Atrinik Server  4.0
Treasure style

A t_style is a kind of sub class identifier for the artifacts.

It is used to part the single artifact masks (is has no real use for unique artifacts) of an Allowed xxx group in sub groups.

There is a t_style variable also in the treasure file for each treasure or treasure list which calls the artifacts file after generation of base item.

An unset t_style for an artifact or treasure is by default 0.

Both t_style are compared:


A fire giant should drop fire related items and artifacts. For example only red gems, fire related potions and magic items or fire based weapons and armour.

So, all fire related artifacts are signed as t_style = 1 (the artifacts file default setting for fire related items).

Now the treasures of the fire giant are signed to "t_style 1" too. If he drops an artifact then it will be fire related.

Note that a normal or even mixed call is possible. With t_style = 0 all artifacts are selected as usual. To let a fire giant drop a cold based item just sign one treasure of his treasure list as t_style = 2 (= cold based).

t_style Defaults

Use these default settings for your treasures and artifacts:

  1. -> fire
  2. -> cold
  3. -> electricity
  4. -> poison
  5. -> acid